Aniwa Digital is honored to host this talk with Chief Raoni, a living legend in the realm of indigenous activism. This offering offers a rare opportunity to engage with Chief Raoni, whose lifelong dedication to preserving indigenous cultures and protecting the Amazon rainforest has left an indelible mark on the world. Join us as we gather to hear his invaluable insights and impassioned wisdom.


  • How long will I be able to view the session?

    All participants will all be given access to a recording of the session after they register for 30 days to watch and replay.

  • What language is this offering presented in?

    This offering is presented in Mẽbêngôkre (Kayapó), translated into Portuguese, and then translated into English.

  • How long is the offering?

    The offering is approximately 45 minutes.

  • What is the video quality of the offering?

    This offering is live Zoom presentation.

Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Chief Raoni Metuktire is a leader and environmentalist. The name Raoni is associated with mystery and the power of the Kayapo people. He is internationally famous as a living symbol of the fight for the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest and indigenous culture, declared by French President Jacques Chirac. In 1989, accompanied by singer Sting, the Kayapo leader started his travels to many places around the world.

When Raoni was 15, he started wearing a labret, an ornamental disk that warriors wear on their lower lip when they want to show they are ready to die for their land. The size of the disk is gradually extended to reach its final size after 4 months.

Isolated from the rest of the world until the twentieth century, the indigenous peoples of the Xingu region have fought to orally preserve their traditions for countless generations. Raoni found ways to connect these cultures with the world while keeping appropriate stoicism, distance, and dignity. Although he meets with prominent people in many countries, he lives in a simple hut and owns nothing. The gifts he receives are always redistributed.

In September 2011, Chief Raoni was made an honorary citizen of Paris by Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë, and received the medal of the French National Assembly from Nicolas Perruchot of France's National Assembly.

About This Fundraiser

About this fundraiser: 

This is a fundraiser to support Chief Raoni's Instituto Raoni, which supports Chief Raoni's projects protecting the Xingu.

About Instituto Raoni:

The Instituto Raoni (IR) was created in 2001 to defend to defend the interests of the Mẽbêngôkre (or Kayapó) people. IR is a non-profit located in the city of Peixoto de Azevedo (MT). Today they represent not only communities of the Kayapó people, but also the Trumai, Tapayuna and Panará peoples, for access to public policies and fundraising to strengthen their cultural activities, food production, income generation and the protection of their territories and rights.

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