Connecting from deep in the Amazon rainforest, a group of women, relatives of our beloved Huni Kuin leader Ninawa Pai Da Mata, will share about their traditional art, their sacred patterns, in addition to powerful prayers and songs. This offering support these inspiring Huni Kuin women of multiple generations.

Tume Huni Kuin, known as Marli, is the general coordinator of the Huni Kuin women from the Humaitá region in Acre, Brazilian Amazon. She is a warrior who works to improve the quality of life for women from the 6 Humaitá region villages, strengthening kene (sacred designs) and handicrafts. 

Tume Elivania is the vice coordinator and the leader of the women of the village Novo Futuro (New Future). She is Ninawa Pai Da Mata’s wife.Ana Sampuany will be talking about the importance of kenes (sacred designs) and their arts. During the live event, they will also share their prayers with joy and the feminine force.

Participants will receive special prayers from the great Mukaya grandmother pajé Francisca Biruany (Ninawa’s mom) and music by group Siriani and Kayawei. 

Ninawa Pai Da Mata will also join and present the women.


This is a fundraiser to support art materials and supplies for 6 villages. Join us to support these inspiring Huni Kuin women of multiple generations.


  • What language is this offering presented in?

    This offering is presented in Portuguese and translated by a live translator into English.

  • How long will I be able to view the offering?

    Once you register for this offering, you will have access to the recording for 30 days to watch and replay.

  • What is the quality of the offering footage?

    This offering is from a Zoom recording.

  • How long is the offering?

    The offering is approximately 2 hours.

  • When was this offering created?

    This was an offering from May 2021.

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