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Sunday, July 16th - Sunday July 23rd


The Journey we are about to take as we hear the call of the Heart of the Earth, the call of the Sierra Nevada, is a very personal Journey. It’s a Journey of Self Discovery, profound healing, interconnectedness at all levels, and among all different aspects of ourselves. This will deepen the connection between us, the Natural realms, and the multidimensional aspects of living on Earth.

We are being called to Restore the Heart of the Earth. This is a Sacred Journey in Sacred Territory, and is the Sierra Nevada herself that is calling us. It requires our humbleness, our reverence and our Love: our love for Nature, our love for Humanity and our love for the Earth.

Be aware that when we begin the Journey of Restoring the Heart of the Earth, we are inevitably embarking on the Journey of Restoring our own Heart, regardless of our awareness of this process.

This is a very special opportunity as normally it is forbidden for anyone outside the Teyuna communities to cross the Black Line. 

We have received a special permit to take 20 participants only 

We will spend 4 days living inside the community in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, inside the Linea Negra territory. Please note this a an authentic traditional experience in rustic communities, we will be sleeping in hammocks. The Linea Negra is the Energetic/Multidimensional and Geological frontier between the Ancestral territory of the Teyuna (Koguis, Wiwas, Arhuacos and Kankuamos) and the outside world. This frontier is not only spiritual but geological. The Sierra Nevada used to be an island. It is 300 million years old, in fact, while the Andes mountain range is only 15 million years old.

We will also spend 3 days visiting some of the Sacred Sites of the Teyuna. The selection of which Sacred sites to visit will be determined upon divining. Each Sacred Site visit will activate ancient codes that are dormant within ourselves, so we will only visit the Sacred Sites that vibrate according to the entire group’s energy frequencies.

What Will You Learn

  • Deep Listening

  • Interconnectedness at all levels

  • Mindfulness of the Unseen


Day 1:

Welcoming the Group with music and storytelling

Going to the 3 temples for storytelling with the Mamos and Zagas Lunch, rest and settling down in the temples

Going to visit the Jagueys (natural freshwater pools) to do Pagamento for the Babillas (native species of alligator).

Pagamentos are a ceremony of acknowledging and honoring different elements of nature and the planet.  A way to spiritually pay the debt humanity has with Nature and planet Earth. 

This is beneficial for our lives and to clear negative karma in ourselves and our families and lineages.

This pagamento will be for the Babillas because reptilian is the oldest part of our brain - honoring the alligators will help to clear trauma and activate ancestral memory and participant’s spiritual gifts.

Day 2:

Early rising. We will be going to the beach very early in the morning to gather seashells in order to make lime powder out of them.

The lime powder the Mamos use is very important for them. The process of making the lime symbolizes the activation of our spiritual archives. Making lime powder is a process that involves all the elements in Nature: Fire, Water, Wood, Air.

We will do Pagamento for the lime powder by listening to the Mamos’ Sacred Story of it and by actually making the powder.

This activity represents the Spiritual baptism of the lime powder, this step is critical in the process of making lime because if they eliminate it, the powder will burn their lips heavily. When our own Spiritual archives are being activated the activation should occur in a way that we will not get burned out in the process. This is a day of acclimation and preparation for the following days.

Day 3:

This day we will have a group healing in the morning as well as a very traditional Pagamento for Seeds. We will be doing the Spiritual Baptism of Seeds, many different types of seeds. Seeds symbolize knowledge, Spiritual knowledge, both the Sacred knowledge the participants will be learning with the Teyuna as well as their own Ancestral knowledge they bring with them.

Mamos and Zagas will do a reading of each persons energy and give every person an initiation which will open their channels, strengthen their connection with Mother Earth, plus some more special surprises the Mamos and Zagas don’t want to share yet.

The Mamos and Zagas will do divination by Water (Jatuqua) to choose the Sacred Site where the participants will be baptized and their Spiritual Names will be revealed on the following day.

The Mamos and Zagas will read the energy signature of the Soul for each of the students at the moment of incarnating. Spiritual Names provide us with a deeper view into our Souls, helping us understand our journey and our full potential.

Personal healings in the afternoon.

Day 4:

Field trip - 30 minutes walk to the river Jerez or Tapia.

We will be baptized in the river and our Spiritual names will be revealed.

When we are baptized by the Mamos and Zagas, the trees, the rocks, the plants and the different species in Nature are also baptized with us. Our commitment as well as our alliance with Nature becomes official, deepening our connection with Nature and the Planet.

Personal Healings in the afternoon.

Day 5, 6, 7:

Field trips visiting the Sacred Sites that were previously chosen. TBD.

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7/1 UPDATE: The retreat is currently full. If you would like to join the waitlist, please email [email protected] and we will reach out to you if a spot becomes available.

6/28 UPDATE: Now that the retreat is a 2.5 weeks away, we are asking that contribution are paid in full and are no longer accepting deposits. 

The total contribution for this life changing retreat is $3600. This amount includes the activities, accommodations, and most meals. It does not include airfare. 

If you need a payment plan option, please 

Contributions and deposits are non-refundable.

We look forward to having you join us on this transformative journey. Should you have any further questions, please reach out to [email protected].


  • Will translation be provided?

    Yes, all of the presentations from the Mamos & Zagas will be translated from Spanish into English.

  • What is the accessibility for this retreat?

    During the retreat, we will embark on walking journeys to visit various sacred sites, hence participants are advised to be moderately fit to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. These walks may involve varying degrees of incline and duration, therefore physical preparedness is recommended.

  • What airport do I fly in and out of?

    You will want to fly to Santa Marta. The best option is to book a flight to Bogota, Colombia, and then take a domestic flight to Santa Marta. This is the most convenient and time-efficient way to reach Santa Marta from outside Colombia. Please arrive to Santa Marta no later than the 7:50AM flight. A van will leave from the airport at 8:30AM to head to the community. You can book your departure flight from Santa Mara on July 24th.

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