The Mayan ancestors studied the energy of each day, according to the movement of Mother Earth, and created a solar and a lunar calendar. 

These calendars teach us about very sacred energies and our relationship and deep connection with all the elements of nature, that make life possible. 

With these calendars we are able to get to know ourselves in a deeper way, create positive change for our lives and be in touch with constant changes happening in Mother Earth.  

The Mayan cosmology explains the way of thinking and behaving of each human being, according to the energies they were born with. 

Our lives on Mother Earth are written in cycles and the Mayan calendar is a way of measuring, ordering and counting time by observing the movements of Mother Earth.

This ordering is made up of the cycles of time with their respective carriers, the guardians of time and from space.

From Maya thought nothing that exists on the face of the earth is ours , life positions us here and now just to be guardians and protectors of  nature and Mother Earth. We are free to live, unfold and develop over a period of time and be witnesses of many suns, many cycles and many life events.

The carriers of time are:

Ahaw No’j, Ahaw Iq’, Ajaw Kej, Ajaw E

For a period of 360 days one of them takes position to be the guide and guardian.

These four bearers of time take turns every year and  relieve each other. They are of great importance because they exert a great influence on the lives of human beings.

K’ak Junab', a new cycle of 365 days,

The Mayan New Year is the day we receive our new time carrier with its respective energy.

As an example we just transitioned the Junab' (year) which was governed by Ajaw 10 Kej last year and now this February we received the Ajaw 11 E.

The Mayas celebrate this passage with great joy through ceremony, music, dance, food, many offerings to commence a new cycle. 

Join us to understand  more about how these energies affect each year, each month and our lives individually, and how by understanding our make up, we can harmonize with these energies  and create more balance in our every day lives and open paths to manifest our goals.

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This is a fundraiser for the printing of calendars portraying a deep wisdom research Tata Mario has been doing on the Mayan Solar Calendar and the energies of the months. Recovering wisdom that has been nearly lost in the Maya K’iche culture. 

A note from Tata Mario:

Dear friends,  a cordial greeting.

For a long time I have had the concern of being able to share with you something profound about our Mayan worldview, these are very important issues that we must know and handle, because as descendants of our ancestors, the eternal Mayas, the way of thinking, of living have to do with much with our way of acting and behaving as good human beings. Believing that our lives on mother earth are, one to a few cycles.

I have always had many questions on the subject of Mayan Spirituality, I am very lucky to have met several wise elders on this subject, because they have lived it and have learned throughout their lives, they share with us, when we are interested in Spirituality.

The theme year AB' was one of the themes that I longed to know so much, its origin, its use and its importance for us human beings, in the year 2010 onwards I started with all this learning, I met a Kackchikel elder, and I was invited for a ceremony very similar to the Kiche Mayan New Year and it is called Tekexepual of the Kackchikeles and deals with the months of the year, it caught my attention and during the ceremony I lived very mystical moments, the ceremony was all night on January 5th. 

A few days later I had a conversation with the elder and I asked him some questions and he answered me that he did not master the AB' k'iche theme directly because he is very deep in the Kackchikeles, but he also replied that it was the precise moment in which I I had to deepen the practices of the Kiches because you are Kiche, investigate, I know it won't be so easy, but you have to start, he told me, and he was very right, at least he gave me Light to start researching on my own initiative. stigar and know these issues so important.

It is essential to know our history, which has passed through time, our Mayan culture, shows the Mayan Cosmovision and Spirituality, all the Indigenous people of Guatemala, have been the target of much injustice since the invasion and colonization, to the point of disappearing, but thanks to the grandfathers and grandmothers who have resisted and have protected and it is coming to light, it is like a basin broken into a thousand pieces and that little by little we are rebuilding, like a puzzle, the theme of WINAL (calendar months) is very interesting that I am going to share, perhaps for some it is something new, for others a complement, but anyway I am not a know-it-all, little by little we are spinning and weaving ancestral wisdom. at the same time I apologize for any mistake.

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Mayan Solar Calendar and It’s Carriers of Time

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Tata Mario gives a generously and beautiful a look into the Mayan Calendars CHOL Q’IL and CHOL AB’. This wisdom that is centuries old helps guid human beings be in balance with Mother Earth, Father Sun, our plant and animal relatives, and our other human and non human relatives. Tata Mario conveys a deep wisdom the many elements of the calendars, how they are tied to the natural world, and how they can help individuals develop a better understanding of their path in life. Thank you for the teachings!

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