Join Aniwa Digital for a very special class on the sacred art of Pou Whenua, intricately carved wooden poles that work much like crystals as spiritual conduits to transmute what no longer serves Mother Earth.  

Master carver Matua Louis Te Kouorehua Kereopa, a highly respected Maori elder, will be sharing about his life mission of spreading these pillars of consciousness around the planet to help in our evolution. 

Matua was guided to carve 12 Pou Whenua with the purpose to honor The Creator of Life.

Save the date for this offering on July 31st at 6PM PT and discover the profound wisdom of Pou Whenua.

Pou Whenua, resembling totem poles, serve as both markers of territorial boundaries and  representations of cultural heritage for the indigenous Māori people of New Zealand. 

These awe-inspiring creations, adorned with exquisite carvings, can be found throughout the country, each telling a unique story.

These magnificent posts serve as spiritual antennas, facilitating the delicate balance of energy on our planet. Each Pou also becomes a vortex of light to enable roaming souls to return home to Source.

Under the guidance of the divine, Maori master carvers infuse these poles with representations of sacred energies, firmly anchoring them into the Earth's fabric.

By participating in this course, you'll have the rare opportunity to learn directly from Matua, who will share the profound significance of Pou Whenua. 

This will open familiar memories surrounding aspects of Creation inclusive with the love of the mystical or unseen realm.

Delve into the rich heritage of Māori culture and deepen your understanding of the spiritual and artistic mastery behind Pou Whenua. 

Join us for this digital offering and discover the timeless wisdom held within these remarkable wooden land posts.

A recording of the live presentation will be made available afterwards that registered participants will have access to for 30 days.

Registration: sliding scale options

There are sliding scale options available for those who wish to give more. We thank you for your generosity and support!

From Matua Louis Kereopa

"I invite you to join me upon a meditative understanding and purpose of a Pou Whenua in today's world of transition. I have been blessed to carve and create 12 Pou Whenua which will be placed upon land of 12 chosen countries. 

There is much to share with you with regards to this wonderful calling of Great Spirit. Indeed it will open familiar memories surrounding aspects of Creation inclusive with the love of the Mystical or Unseen Realm.

We will journey back to a time when mankind lived in the Golden Age, where huge crystals were placed upon the Earth as living conduits of love and prosperity before the fall of us, Life Streams. The request is to carve 12 Pou Whenua with the sole purpose of honoring The Creator of Life, whereby the Pou become spiritual conduits similar to the Crystals, to transmute what is no longer of use within Earth Mother.

Each Pou also becomes a vortex of Light to enable roaming Souls to return home to Source. In honoring the Creator I portray aspects of natural lore.

Indeed what I have shared is to allow open space for questions and answers, therefore your presence, understanding and participation will be appreciated."


  • How long will I be able to access the recording?

    All participants will all be given access to a recording of the session after they register for 30 days to watch and replay.

  • What language is this offering presented in?

    This offering is presented in English.

  • How long is the offering?

    The offering is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

  • What is the video quality of the offering?

    This offering is live Zoom presentation.

Course curriculum

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    Join Us Online on July 31st @ 6PM PT

    • Welcome

    • Pou Whenua: Sacred Carved Poles with Matua (Māori)

    • Pou Whenua: Sacred Carved Poles That Work as Conduits of Love on Mother Earth


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