Aniwa proudly presents Diné (Navajo) elder Jerry Nelson sharing profound wisdom from his tradition explaining the flow of life through the months and the seasons and how they are interconnected to all aspects of life. Join us as we learn:

  • How each month has its own energy, prayer, and offering. 
  • How there are three months for every direction, resulting in the four directions being four seasons.
  • When seasons are respected and worked with they can help us develop into fully embodied strong people.

We will also learn to understand the relationship with food such as the sacred corn which is the main source of life to the Diné. The corn is part of their entire life, starting from in the belly of the mother. There are many corn ceremonies around the year and corn pollen is used as a spiritual offering.

Jerry will explore how the change of the seasons and its resulting weather can affect us mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and how we can harness these energies to develop and grow. This is sure to be a profound dive into how we can use the force of time and changing of weather to be the best versions of ourselves. 

Don't miss it, this wisdom is not readily available or freely shared and we are deeply honored to have legendary roadman Jerry Nelson sharing this with us.


This is a fundraiser to support Jerry’s family through the pandemic. The Diné Nation was severely hit by the virus losing thousands of people, Jerry’s family hasn’t been able to work throughout the pandemic as his wife is an at-risk group.

Registration: sliding scale options

This course is a fundraiser to support Jerry's family. There are sliding scale options available for those who wish to give more. We thank you for your generosity and support!


  • How long can I view the offering?

    You will have access to the video for 30 days to watch and replay.

  • What language is this offering presented in?

    This offering is presented in English.

  • What is the quality of the offering footage?

    This offering is a live Zoom presentation.

  • How long is the offering?

    The offering is approximately 2 hours.

  • When was this offering?

    This offering is January 28th, 2022.

Course curriculum

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    Live Zoom on January 28th at 3PM PST

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    • Diné Wisdom on The Power of The Seasons with Jerry Nelson