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This class is about being in sacred alignment with one's own creative life force energy - also called sexual energy. In order to be in alignment, we must be at peace and in a good relationship with both our male and our female within our own sexual beingness. Every human being carries both male and female energy, despite gender or sexual preference.

These practices enable one to be the best person that we can be, to have true cohesiveness within. Of course, there is power behind creative life force for synergy. When we are in alignment with our own sacred sexual energies within us, then we will be in alignment with the sacred creative life force that permeates and touches all that is, all that has been, all that will be. That enables us to be living, breathing, aware, awake and whole in our own beingness.

There are consequences if we misuse and abuse this type of energy and in the class, we will talk about those consequences. But we will also talk about the great benefits that come from uniting our inner beingness in a whole way so that our male and female may be mates ever within us. This improves all of our relationships in life, inclusive of our lovers and partners.

There are many practices around the world by many of the First Nations peoples, well-known and some less well-known in the Americas. Quite a number of the different groups do have practices where we bring together our male and female so that they may be co-partners working together. And to go forward as help mates ever in their relationship within oneself.

When we are more whole and in alignment with the greater whole, it distinctly changes our unique relationship with the vessel that carries us around, as well as each and every relationship we have in our spiritual and life journey. This includes the plants, the animals, the places in nature that we go to- our relationships with parents, family, friends, lovers. All of these. It includes our relationship with the clouds, the rain and the rainbow. It includes sacred waters, sacred land, sacred air and sacred fire. 

For we are uniting our sacred fires within our sacred oceans, within. 

We are 85% salt water. We are also 15% minerals. That's land, Earth and it also is part of the air, the wind within us that we are uniting with the greater whole. This enables us to be the best, most whole version of ourselves and thus bring forward our best, most whole gifts that we may share with others and receive in a more transparent, authentic way.

This is a work for life. We will begin the process of engagement with our internal energies that are about our creative life force energy. This includes our sexual energy, our emotional energy, our mental energy, our spirits, our heart, and fire energy. 

This is an introductory class. Part II is for the ones that want to continue to go deeper, where practices to do with a partner will be shared. You are required to attend Part I in order to enroll in Part II.

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Premiering on Saturday December 9th at 10AM PT.

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  • How long will I have access to the recording?

    Participants will all be given access to a recording of the session for 30 days after their registration to watch and replay.

  • What language is this offering presented in?

    This offering is presented in English.

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    This offering is live Zoom presentation.

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    The offering is approximately 3 hours.

Grandmother LánéSaán Moonwalker has been an oracle, healer, spiritual teacher, and environmental guardian for more than 45 years. 

Grandmother LánéSaán began her training in the healing arts at the age of 12 from members of her family who were highly skilled curanderas (traditional healers who combine Native and Catholic spiritual beliefs and practices). From her mother, she learned to work with creative expression as a doorway to spirit. 

Grandmother LánéSaán is an accomplished artist, a weaver and painter, as well as a dancer and singer, and holds a degree in humanities and the visual arts from the University of Colorado. She has been a licensed minister for more than 32 years, and is a Canon in the Brigade of Light. 

Grandmother LánéSaán has studied with many spiritual teachers, including artist, writer, and visionary Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), Eric Tao and Marian Starnes. 

In 1987, she met her main teacher Tu Moonwalker, an Apache, the great great granddaughter of Cochise. Tu was the holder of this unbroken Moonwalker lineage and Láné is an acknowledged part of that it, in addition to being from an unbroken lineage herself through her Yaqui grandmother. Together Tu and Grandmother LánéSaán founded the Philosophy of Universal Beingness within the Whole. The foundation of this system is about working with nature in a sacred way.

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