This Inka code teaches us the secrets of purification, awakening, and transformation of our cosmic being. Humanity has been contaminated with different types of HUCHAS (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual impurities / negative energies) that cause suffering to people in Kay Pacha (the world). Ch'uyanchakuy helps us find the paths to liberation from the bonds of attachments.

*This is not a lesson, the elders are sharing sacred healing chants.


  • How long will I be able to view the offering?

    Once you register for this offering, you will have access to the recording for 5 days to watch and replay.

  • What is the quality of the footage?

    This offering is a high-quality recording.

  • How long is the offering?

    The offering is approximately 20 minutes.

  • When was this offering created?

    This was an offering from Aniwa Gathering Digital Edition in October 2020.

Course curriculum

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    Shipibo Konibo Ancestral Icaros

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    • Ancestral Healing Icaros