Wisdom from Benki: 

What disturbances harm our lives the most? 

What harms our lives the most is not being sure of what we want to do on Earth. Then we develop fear. 

What does fear do in the life of a human being? 

Fear weakens us and makes us lose the excitement to live. Fear creates anger. 

Today we see a lot of disturbed people on Earth. What happens when we are disturbed?

 We start to think that the world isn’t a good place or we are not good enough because we lose all the trust we have inside of us. Then, we start to forget about the good things and acquire bad energies in our body. These energies weaken our minds and the mind becomes fragile. The mind creates disease in the body and makes us think we don't have the strength to do anything.

We sometimes want to do everything like a machine, however, our machine gets weakened if we don’t know how to take care of it. The more we get stressed, the more we pull anger inside of ourselves and anger is one of the worst things in our lives. Stress and anger prevent us from connecting with ourselves and from opening our world within. One word we say to someone else can heal / give life or kill. We need to be aware of our thoughts and words. We can heal someone with a hug or a smile. 

The Earth also has a heart. It holds the energy to allow everything to be born from and shared with everyone who needs it.... the most perfect abundance. This energy is available to us when we purify ourselves. The Earth is a reflection of our inner world. It has the same ratio of water as our bodies. Once we heal ourselves, we are able to heal our beautiful planet. 

Join us to learn more about the roots of these feelings which bind us and limit our potential. Receive tools to free yourself from these mind constraints and receive healing energy from the elements. 

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    This offering is presented in Portuguese and translated into English by a live translator.

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    This offering is live Zoom presentation.

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    The offering is approximately 1.5 hours

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    Understanding Fear, Sadness, and Anxiety with Benki Piyãko

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    • Understanding Fear, Sadness, and Anxiety


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