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The Aniwa Community is a portal to the ancient wisdom, culture, art, music and prayers of indigenous elders throughout the world, providing indigenous leaders with a much needed platform for their voice to the world. Stay tuned for our launch which will feature original content from video, blog posts, podcasts, music and indigenous art for sale. Additionally, sign up to hear about all our events, gatherings and retreats that will be held all over the world with various wisdom keepers. The online launch will feature a lot of content taken from our recent four day gathering of 30 indigenous elders in Ibiza, Spain. We look forward to building this community with you ! 

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About the community

Aniwa Community lies in it's prayer for unity, peace and love. We connect tribe all over the world so that we can move forward in communication and harmony. Thank you for being part of it! 
Was a divine sweet nectar of blessings that will remain in my heart forever. Thank you. I felt blessed to attend, in my heart is gratitude for all that Aniwa was teaching us in all dimensions. 
Pema Varela, Peru
Thank you for the many blessings and rare opportunity to be a part of this gathering. It was like a desert flower that Great Spirit poured water of  Aroha (love) upon us all so that we may lean closer to him and walk side by side. 
Louis, Maori elder
I keep dreaming of Aniwa and all the sacred moments we experienced. Being in the presence of these extraordinary leaders was a dream. I hope we continue to unify and preserve the wisdom of our ancestors. Thank you for creating this, I want nothing more than to support and grow with this community. 
Kirsten Bigliardi, USA
So many of us have these fantasties of what we want to bring to the world and dont have the courage to bring them to life. Thank you for the unforgettable experience. It was like setting a beacon of light in the center of an energetic vortex. A life changing experience for me and humanity. 
Catherine Bjorksten, U.K.
I believe, you have started a movement that will sweep the world ! The prayers are being answered and we are uniting !
Aprile Black, Sweden
I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Aniwa and to be able to make new acquaintances and renew connections with others. I attended several sessions with the elders and every time had a wonderful learning experience. 
Mona Polacca, Hopi Grandmother
It has been the most beautiful experience of my life. So rich with love, wisdom and many magical divine moments that my life is making more sense already!
Bily Sinkovec, Slovenia

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