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THe Boa Foundation Presents

Aniwa Gathering

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june 3-7 2020


a 4 day journey of


Experience the culture and traditions of over 20 different tribes from around the world

Listen to the wisdom of some of the most respected indigenous elders

Learn how to merge ancient philosophies and tribal concepts with Western society in order to thrive in unity and harmony with the Earth and all our relatives


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By sharing traditional knowledge, the spiritual leaders will take us on a journey of deep communion with nature, interacting with the elements, exploring our inner landscape as well as creating strong lasting bonds with the community around us, remembering the ways of our ancestors and connecting back to our roots

Connection to nature


Participate in sacred ceremonies and rituals which use ancient technology to open our channels of communication to the spiritual world as well open our hearts to connect to our true essence, in order to heal our body, mind and spirit

sacred Ceremonies

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Find deep healing and transformation, guided by masters from unbroken lineages of traditional doctors who work with the spirits of plants and Mother Nature.

One to one consultations will also be available directly with the elders



Allow your full self-expression to be manifested through movement and sound from the four corners of the world.

Find the most exquisite treasures and handcrafts at our indigenous market

Music, Dance & art


Learn knowledge which has been kept for thousands of years.

Engage in discussions on spirituality, mindfulness, sustainability

workshops & lectures


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