Tijax represents the obsidian stone, healing and harmonizing in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. It means liberation in the physical body to transform the spiritual. It is the day of purification and balancing of our actions, a day to release anything that brings us negative energy, to give thanks, and ask for good health. We ask to free ourselves from any difficulties or accidents, to cure psychological, physical, and mental illnesses as well, ask for healing and protection for pets and domestic animals.

Tijax is the energy that guides all types of healers and doctors for a balanced service for people. The obsidian stone guides us to remember our Ancestors, honoring their legacy of healing, working with the elements, the stones, the plants, and Grandfather fire that purifies and nourishes us every day. 

Through this Ceremonial offering, we transform our actions and set a positive mind to achieve balance and good health.

A note from Nana Amalia: the healing energies that came through this live ceremony are recorded in the video and the ceremony will still be effective as the transmission is coming through their voices and the fire, the most important aspect of it is the explanation of each of the energies of the Mayan calendar and how to connect with them. The depth of the healing will depend on the faith of each participant.’

To enhance the connection, you may set up an altar with a candle, a glass of water from a natural source, and any spirit offerings of your choice.


  • What language is this offering presented in?

    This offering is presented in Spanish and translated into English.

  • How long will I be able to view the offering?

    Once you register for this offering, you will have access to the recording for 30 days to watch and replay.

  • What is the quality of the offering footage?

    This offering is from an iPhone recording.

  • How long is the offering?

    The offering is approximately 2 hours.

  • When was this offering created?

    This was an offering from Aniwa Gathering Digital Edition in October 2020.

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