We’re excited to offer a powerful new moon ritual online guided by the legendary Grandmother LánéSaán Moonwalker.

The new moon is the birthing basket of the moon cycle. This is a time that is all about new beginnings- our own right to be. The new moon is a potent time to remake oneself when one is on a spiritual journey. It is a time for rebirth and to connect to your inner core foundation- your inner magical child.

Learn practices such as the breath of beingness and the right to be, harness the power of the new moon, and the immense opportunity for transformation that she provides.

Grandmother LánéSaán Moonwalker provides us with tools that we can carry with us for the rest of our lives and that will forever change our relationship with the moon.


  • How long will I be able to view the offering?

    Once you register for this offering, you will have access to the recording for 30 days to watch and replay.

  • What language is this offering presented in?

    This offering is presented in English.

  • What is the quality of the offering footage?

    This offering is a video recording from a live presentation.

  • How long is the offering?

    The offering is approximately 40 minutes.

  • When was this offering created?

    This was an offering from July 2021.

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    New Moon Ritual with LánéSaán Moonwalker

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